Elemental shaman dps macro

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Another possibility for this macro is to add extra earth shocks into the queue and to also account for glyph of flame shock which should maximize dps. This works especially well for mop enhancement shamans. With the glyph, flame shock will last 30 seconds, so resetting 5 seconds prior will give you plenty of time to renew the dot. Three total earth shocks are shown, but you can add another two. How elemental shaman dps macro to create basic battle for azeroth elemental shaman macros including focus, mouseover, modifier, and stopcasting macros for your ele shaman.

All of these elemental shaman macros 8. 1 have been tested with the latest world of warcraft battle for azeroth update. Newbie friendly macros that any shaman can edit and use. Elemental shaman dps elemental shaman dps macro macros and addons in battle for azeroth.

Get great wow shaman macros that work every time. Each macro is tested in world of warcraft patch 5. 4 siege of orgrimmar for mists of pandaria. A curated collection of the best macros and addons for your elemental shaman. Updated for battle for azeroth patch 8.

Elemental shaman dps macro elemental shaman one shot macro. Ravagerhd the brave hero 90 dwarf shaman. Wondering if there any decent macro. S out there for elemental shaman to level up in wod even use for dungeons and maybe raids.