Current user desktop path vba

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Current user desktop path vba there is another question on here that allows users to find the path to their current background image through a cmd command. How could i find out the path. This excel tutorial explains how to refresh a closed workbook. You may also want to read. Excel vba refresh all pivot table or pivot cache.

In general, using vba, how do i determine where the current users application data folder is. The filesystemobjects special folders only knows about 3. So i am trying to save an excel worksheet as a. Prn file to the current users desktop. I thought maybe there was a standard.

In this tutorial, i will cover the how to work with workbooks in excel using vba. With vba, you can do a lot of stuff with a workbook object. I have a file called sitting inside the current directory that my excel file is in i want excelvba to run this file i tried.

Datalink viewer user manual. Is current user desktop path vba it possible to have a workbook, through vba, add a shortcut to another workbook to your desktop and. There are several users who will need.

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